Born in London, England to Ghanaian parents, Philomena Kwao has always been different; her success has a model been no different. Known for her signature cropped hairstyle, Philomena has modelled for super brands such as Torrid, Nordstrom, Lane Bryant and Evans.

With dreams of working for a global health agency, Philomena had dreams that didn’t include fashion or modelling. Excelling academically, Philomena has obtained a first class degree in Economics and a Masters’ degree in International Health Management.

Her career as a model began in 2012 when she was scouted through a modelling competition with Models1, Evans and Cosmopolitan UK Magazine. Soon after, Philomena found herself featured in editorials for Cosmopolitan UK and Pride magazine and featured in nationwide campaigns for Evans and Style 369 all whilst juggling a demanding masters degree. The same year saw Philomena awarded with the GUBA 2012 Rising Star award.
Her foray into the international modelling scene began when in 2013, she signed with Ford Models and after successfully graduating in 2013, Philomena moved to NYC where she now currently lives.
Currently, Philomena is signed with  Models1 in the UK and JAG Models in the USA.and archive them in a massive Photoshop file. For example, when working on YouTube TV I grabbed hundreds of examples of future UI from futurists like Jayse Hansen and Neil Huxley.